Lawn Care

Lawn care is inevitable. Mother nature provides us with rain and up grows our lawns. Let's give back to mother nature. Our fleet of propane mowers emmit 40% to 60% less carbon dioxide than gasoline mowers. That's alot less carbon dioxide released into our ecosytem. Let's all do our part, as much as we can to reduce our carbon footprint. Everyone needs their lawn cut,  if we all would only use propane to do the mowing  the positive results would be asternomical.

Every landscape is different. So we customize your lawn care to fit your desires.

  • We determine the amount of mowing desired. (Recommended 36/year)
  • Recommend fertilizer and weedcontrol
  • Recommend aireation of lawn

All of our lawn care include weed-eating around all obstacles and edging all side walks and curbs. We blow all debris off side walks and parking lots, bag and dispose.

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