What does it mean to be green?

Being Green means that you are aware of the climate change concerns and are aware of how your daily choices effect the environment and choose to take action to decrease your damage to our environment and ecosystems. So here at EcoGreen Landscaping we do everything in our power to better the environment in the landscaping industry. We use only alternative fuels for our mowers. No gasoline mowers. This decreases our dependency on oil from other countries and promotes job growth in the United States since 90% of propane consumed in the United States is produced here in the U.S. Propane burns 40% cleaner than gasoline, so here at EcoGreen we release 40% less carbon emissions than our competitors, thus drastically lowering our carbon foot print. We do not use any chemicals that can harm our environment and ecosysystems; instead we use organic products and organic fertilizers.

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